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We make use of technology to support non-technical solutions to the non-technical issue of cyber security

TAME for Micro-Businesses

Take control of you cyber security posture

We know you are worried about cyber security. We know your core business is not cyber security. We know that off the the self products on cyber security are expensive. We know that open source products require expertise you cannot afford.

Subscribe to TAME for Micro-Businesses. For the monthly cost of a mobile phone contract you can:

  • understand your cyber footprint

  • identify your vulnerabilities

  • manage your threats

  • minimise the exploitation opportunity your business has

  • access TAMEs knowledge repository

No consultants are required! No hidden costs! No changes to your technology stack are needed!


Understand the threats across your supply chain

Our technology will model your business processes, identify boundaries where information is being exchanged, flag up your critical assets and model their vulnerability interrelationships. This knowledge will then be coupled with situational awareness and intelligence feeds for producing a statement of threats across your supply chain.

Subscribe to TAME for SMEs. For the annual cost of a company car you can:

  • model your business environment across your supply chain from a cyber security perspective

  • identify what your critical assets are and what needs protecting

  • understand how your assets affect each other

  • proactively identify who can cause you a problem and in which way

  • proactively manage change in your environment by creating projection models

TAME for Enterprise

Automated threat assessment

Cyber events are continuing to evade security measures at most organisations. There is a greater level of accountability that has resulted in Cyber being a regular topic at Board meetings. Historically threat assessments are manual and complex exercises, undertaken by a team of external consultants. Turnaround times are counted in months, the focus is on probability and not on impact, results are based on a snapshot of the business, they are very expensive and are in support of reactive strategies and technologies.

Get a TAME enterprise license. Get the capability to:

  • amalgamate your baseline security data to situational awareness and intelligence feeds

  • undertake threat assessments within days instead months

  • dynamically and proactively manage threats against your environment

  • incorporate threat assessment into your overall business governance process

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