Automating Threat Assessment

CrypTier is a graduate of the Innovate UK Cyber Security Academic Startup Accelerator Programme and are seeking investment to spinout from the University of Hertfordshire.


We are developing a web-based threat assessment platform that offers an efficient, portable and scalable solution for self-assessing cyber threats.


Through extensive market validation we know we have a unique solution that meets a clear market demand.


We are removing complexity from the cyber security landscape and we allow for better communication of threat knowledge.

17th Jan 2019

The event took place at Level 39, Canary Wharf. We had the opportunity to pitch to investors and industrialist and showcase our technology calculating asset exploitation opportunity.


Over 100 delegates came to hear about the latest innovations in cybersecurity.

It was an amazing day for us, seeing the positive feedback of the delegates for our technology.

15th Nov 2018

Organised in association with HM Government, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency, the Cyber Security Summit and Expo is the UK’s largest one-day event dedicated to vital business cyber risk management and prevention. The event hosted cyber security and data protection experts sharing insights with senior business leaders, government policymakers and cyber security pioneers, including those responsible for critical national infrastructure.

13th Nov 2018

Secure IoT 2018, was held at the Green Park Conference Centre (Reading). It gave participants the opportunity to learn about potential threats; IoT security best practice; network and meet leading experts and companies offering security products, solutions and services.

We proudly presented our prototype automated threat assessment technology

August 2018

The DCMS grant will be used to develop a prototype software platform based on TAME. The prototype will model vulnerability interrelationships, allow stakeholders to understand what the critical assets are across their supply chain but more importantly, how those assets can affect each other.

Understand how you can be exploited.

Visualise path of least resistance and shortest path to exploiting critical assets.

Project impact of exploitation and inform your change management process.

Visualise mission objectives and their relationships.

Proactively manage threat agents.

Automate the disrupt, degrade and deceive stages in the responder's kill chain.

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Micro Business Solution

Take control of your security posture

SME Solution

Understand the threats across your supply chain

Enterprise Solution

Automated threat assessment


Helping Businesses Understand Threat

Find out who you need to protect against.


Find out what you need to protect

Manoeuvre Operations

Find out how you can maintain the initiative in protecting your business

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